Hotel in Scarperia, Tuscany

The Park Hotel Ripaverde is an oasis of class and elegance in the heart of the Mugello hills, representing the perfect starting point for day trips to discover a territory rich in things to see and do: from the hotel, Scarperia, the Mugello Circuit and the huge Barberino Fashion Outlet are all within easy reach, along with the numerous castles and splendid villas that adorn this corner of Tuscany.

When you stay at the Ripaverde, however, don't miss a visit to Scarperia and its wonderful old town, only a few minutes from the hotel and famous in Italy and all over the world for its historical, high quality knife production, which is still the pride of this region of Italy.

As mentioned above, the Park Hotel Ripaverde is not just a comfortable hotel in Scarperia: the Mugello Circuit, which is perhaps the thing that Mugello is best known for worldwide, is no more than four kilometres from a hotel where speed and the love of motorcycles is an essential part of our hospitality, on a par with the elegance and professionalism of our staff, who are all fully at your service.