Get a Last Minute Holiday in Mugello

Park Hotel Ripaverde regularly renews our last minute Mugello hotel offers, to offer everyone the chance to book their holidays in Mugello right up to the last minute, taking advantage of some last minute offers on holidays in Tuscany that will amaze you for the high quality offers at low cost.

The last minute Mugello hotel offers by the Park Hotel Ripaverde represent one of the best chances not only for those looking for last minute offers on hotels in the Tuscan countryside, but also for everyone who chooses Mugello for its Circuit, the Scarperia Golf course or the famous Barberino fashion outlet.

In fact, thanks to our central position, the Park Hotel Ripaverde allows you to reach both the florid Tuscan countryside and the lively atmosphere of the paddocks on the circuit which hosts the Italian Motorcycling Grand Prix: take advantage of our last minute Mugello hotel offers and choose the type of holiday that you prefer, at an extremely low cost.